The Legend of the Haunted Sawmill.

Vincent’s tale began a long time ago after his family settled in the woods surrounding Merrill long before it was a city. As a young man Vincent Mudgett found a job at the Merrill Sawmill. As an employee of the sawmill Vincent soon fell in love with a pretty secretary named Louise. Louise had another suitor though - Dorian Morris, the owner of the Merrill Sawmill. Dorian grew jealous of Vincent and Louise’ love for each other and in a fit of rage, he killed Louise when she would not date him. Dorian then turned on Vincent with a gang of Merrill Sawmill workers and killed him as well.

Driven by his hatred of Dorian Morris Vincent crawled out of his grave to take vengeance upon Dorian and the mill employees. The “Massacre at the Merrill Sawmill” culminated with Vincent being surrounded by law enforcement and shot down. Everyone assumed that Vincent was dead. He was buried in the cemetery near the Sawmill alongside the Morris and Mudgett family members who had already passed on.

But, Vincent would not stay buried. Vincent returned a decade later after Dr. Adrian Morris, the younger brother of Dorian Morris, inherited the Merrill Sawmill. Adrian Morris converted the mill into the Arcane Asylum for the Criminally Insane. During this time a man claiming to be Vincent Mudgett was captured by the Merrill Police Department. That man was arrested, tried and convicted. The Court declared “John Doe” insane and he was committed to the Arcane Asylum under the care of Dr. Adrian Morris. Dr. Morris took great pleasure in tormenting the man who claimed to be the reincarnated Vincent, but “John Doe” was pushed too far and with the help of a young nurse named Louise, Vincent led the patients of the Arcane Asylum in a revolt against the doctor and his staff. Dr. Adrian Morris was killed. Vincent found his revenge against Dr. Morris and then escaped with Louise.