about the sawmill


The Haunted Sawmill is Merrill Wisconsin's premier Haunted House location.

The Haunted Sawmill is run by the Friends of Vincent Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission to help young people in Merrill and the surrounding communities gain access to activities, outings, and events that they may not have been able to afford on their own. 

The Friends of Vincent raises money each year through their main fundraising event, the Haunted Sawmill.  Through this event, the Friends of Vincent have donated money and helped to support youth in attending the following: Boy Scouts summer camp, Boy Scouts high adventure trips, a Merrill High School scholarship, the Backpack for Kids campaign, school trips, and Explorer Post outings and events. 

In addition, every year The Haunted Sawmill collects non-perishable food items for local food pantries. To date over 25,000 food items have been donated.

In addition to it’s fundraising goals, The Haunted Sawmill also affords children a place to come and learn new skills, promote their creativity and gives them a safe environment to come and be a part of something special. Children get to see their ideas flourish and come to life.  They also get hands on experience with things like building, planning a project, and responsibility. The Haunted Sawmill is open to all children and their families and promotes diversity, respect, friendship and responsibility. 

The Friends of Vincent Foundation is made up of individuals that see that to raise a healthy community we need to focus on our children and give them the tools and life lessons to succeed. If you are interested in joining us or helping support our mission, please contact us.

If you know someone who is deserving of a grant in order to experience their big dream, please reach out to us through the Friends of Vincent Foundation grant application.